Baby Yoga

Relaxation and Exercise for your little one and lots of fun for you!

Baby Yoga, like traditional Yoga takes on various forms dependent on the teacher. The Blissful-Babies sessions use gentle stretches and movements for Mum's or Dad's to do with their baby. Baby Yoga can be seen as an extension to traditional Indian Infant Massage which uses lots of movements and stretches. Sessions will incorporate a variety of 'over clothes massages', breathing techniques, stretching and movements for baby, songs, rhymes with actions and sensory play. 

Many of the movements have been practiced for centuries and their roots can be traced back to a traditional Indian culture. 


Baby Yoga Sessions run in 6 weeks blocks in consecutive weeks. Sessions are held in Solihull and Burton Green at 2 pm. Sessions are limited in spaces. There is a maximum of 8 Mum & Baby spaces in each  6 week block, so book your space to avoid missing out.


Baby Yoga can alleviate trapped wind, soothe colic and constipation


Strengthen and tones muscles, helping to regulate baby's digestive and respiratory systems


Helping baby and mum or dad to relax, improving sleep quality for both


Friendly small groups making new friends. Helps to alleviate the effects of Postnatal Depression

Session Times

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Monday - 1:00 pm 
Online session using Zoom App
40 minutes

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Coventry, UK

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