Baby Massage Courses

A 4 week block of sessions teaching you the techniques of baby massage.

Mum and Baby will enjoy these fantastic interactive sessions, where mum will learn the relaxing art of baby massage. Baby will love the experience and will likely become very relaxed and find improved comfort from symptoms of colic, reflux, constipation and teething pain.

There is no age restriction of baby to begin these sessions. Baby can begin them from the moment they would be alert enough to enjoy the interaction. Baby Massage is a super first stage course and provides a great lead in for the Baby Yoga sessions.

If you are attending the online Baby Massage sessions, please download the Zoom Rooms Application, you can find it on the relevant app store through the links below. The meeting ID information and passwords will be sent shortly before each sessions


Session Times

baby yoga.jpg
Monday - 9:30 am 
The Jubilee, Balsall Common
1 Hour

225 Station Road

Balsall Common


Thursday - 09.30am 
Online Sessions using Zoom App
40 Minute

Please download and register for the Zoom Meetings App.