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Happy Mother's Day from Blissful-Babies!

and... 'It's a beautiful Girl'....'Welcome to the World' to our first Blissful-Baby.

I hope all you lovely Blissful-Mummies and Mummies-to-be have been well and truly looked after this morning. I was allowed a bit of lie-in whilst Ad created chaos in the kitchen and Vinnie did his best to add a bit more to it.

My boys bought me a lovely treatment package for 'The Healthy Practice' in Eastern Green, Coventry and I'm looking forward to the amazing ladies there pampering me for an hour one day soon.

A huge congratulations to Sarah, who attends my AquaNatal sessions at WCA, on the arrival of her baby girl on Thursday morning.

This is the first Blissful-Baby to arrive since we've started and it's always amazing to welcome the little one to the world. It is the reason I became a Midwife.

Glad to hear both mum and baby are doing well and we hope you have been allowed to rest at least a little bit today. I'm sure all the other Blissful-Mums will look forward to seeing you back at a session soon and the Blissful-Buggies group look forward to meeting you later in the spring :-) xx

There has been lots of activity this weekend with plenty of new bookings, especially for the Aquanatal Session at George's Swim Academy in Solihull (Monday's 6:15pm). So if you would like to join us, please make sure you 'Save Your Space' on the website.

The Blissful-Pilates group still has spaces available. I only have up to 8 spaces in this group as the studio isn't huge but it is very nice at The Woodlands Sports Complex. So if you are interested in how Pilates can benefit you during pregnancy, labour and once your baby arrives, please get in touch and come along. (Wednesday's 7:30pm).

For more info on how to join the Blissful-Babies sessions. Visit

Sara xx