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Blissful-Babies Session bookings are changing!

Good Evening Ladies,

Since I started Blissful-Babies in January, the feedback has been amazing and it has been a pleasure to workout with you all.

Due to the amazing response, Blissful-Babies is looking to expand it's offering with Baby Yoga and Baby Massage sessions which I hope to run during the daytime. If you would be interested in these sessions, please register your interest here!!

From 1st June, the way in which Aquanatal and Pilates sessions are booked will be changing. The sessions will now be offered in blocks to cover the upcoming month. The sessions can be booked via the usual route on the website or directly in person when you're attending a session. Please note, there are no changes to the Blissful-Buggies bookings.

Payment options for the sessions will include the ability to pay online at the time of booking, via bank transfer or in person in advance at a previous session.

The session fees will remain the same but will be based on the same cost for a '5 Block'. Therefore if there are 5 sessions in the coming month, the cost will remain at the existing rate. If there are only 4 sessions, the cost will be reduced accordingly.

Blissful-Babies understands that during the later stages of pregnancy it can be more difficult to attend sessions or events may occur earlier than expected. If you are more than 34 weeks in to your pregnancy, Blissful-Babies offers the ability to book on to the sessions, on a weekly basis, directly in person. Payment for sessions, after 34 weeks, will be able to be made in person or by bank transfer.

If you currently have an active '5 Block Session' booking. Please talk to me at your next session. I will continue to offer flexible usage of those bookings but will require an indication of the dates you expect to attend.

If you would like to know anymore about the changes or have any issues, please contact me directly.

Thanks for all your support.

Sara xx