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"The best nights sleep I get". That's what the Blissful-Ladies say after exercising wi

It's been a hectic May and June and now the World Cup has started I thought I'd make use of the peace and quiet to bring you all up to date. When I say 'Peace and Quiet' that's because the boys are generally in the front room whilst i'm sat in the Kitchen.

There is so much to tell you all about, so keep your eye out for more updates on Facebook.

With the warmer weather and summer almost in full swing, it can be really difficult to get a good nights sleep but if you are pregnant this doesn't get any easier. The common feedback I get from my ladies is how well they sleep following exercising with me. Whether it is Pilates or Aqua they always say that they can't wait to get back next week because they know they'll sleep blissfully that night.

Exercise helps in so many ways but we all know the feeling of achievement once you've been out and done it. My ladies at Blissful-Buggies face a battle most weeks. It is not easy balancing nap times, restless nights, other appointments and little ones with a runny nose, although, when they do get there... they love it and we have soo much fun.

Blissful-Buggy Sessions are on a Monday and Tuesday morning in Balsall Common and Allesley Park. We have a group of regulars and their little ones who are enjoying the fun in the parks and fresh air during the nice weather but they always love to meet new ladies and the little ones like to see a new face to.


We've had some great mornings through May and June... long may it last. There is still plenty of space on the sessions, so if you've been thinking about getting started or even coming back... Come on... You know you'll feel great after a morning with the girls!

And if the little ones let us, sometimes we'll head somehwhere nearby for a cuppa afterwards to, after all... you will have earned it.

Aquanatal and Pilates in Pregnancy places are limited...

Classes sizes have continued to grow each month. We now have a full class on a Tuesday in Coventry and limited availability on a Monday in Solihull.

Classes are booked on a first come basis, so make sure you get in early to reserve your space.

Book for Aqua & Pilates in Pregnancy here.


Blissful-Babies has teamed up with Elite-Therapy in Coventry to host a new Pilates in Pregnancy session on a Thursday Morning at 11:15 am.

This session is booked directly with Elite-Therapy and this will be a small group size. So if you are interested... have a look at the website for more info.


I am soo excited to launch the new dedicated Post Natal sessions. My main Pilates sessions have always focused on preparing for the arrival of the little one but the new sessions will help you build core strength and stamina for the day to day activities you face with your little one. The exercises will be a little different and may also include positions using the little one which is always nice to get them involved.

We start on the journey from the very basics and those joining at any stage will be taught the key postures and exercises that are used as the basis for the more complex activities. So don't worry about joining at any time... you will be absolutley fine.

Sessions in Solihull and Burton Green are running on Thursday and Friday afternoons and bookings can be made via the website bookings section.

Find out more...


Some months ago, I put out the idea of holding a 5K Charity Jog / Buggy Walk. Well, I must admit that time got the better of me. The weeks have simply disappeared.

So now I'm looking to set a date. I am looking to hold the event during October this year where we will set off from Burton Green and head towards Abbey Fields in Kenilworth using the Greenway Route.

I will post more details on the website in the next few weeks. But please let me know if you'd be keen to get involved. It would be lovely to have a group of ladies and buggies. We can either jog or walk... there will be no pressure to jog the whole way.

If you are interested in any of my sessions or events, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

You can email me directly using or contact me using the usual social media channels.

Sara xx