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Great place to go for a day out... and Blissful-Baby Yoga kicks off in September

Finally on a Sunday evening I have found time to sit and update the blog. What a busy few weeks it has been with the summer holidays in full swing and the fantastic weather we had.

I know that the hot weather was a bit of a horrid time for some of my ladies in the final weeks of their pregnancy, so hopefully you are all feeling a little more comfortable now the temperature has dropped and the nights are cooler.

So, I wanted to take this time to spread some ideas about things to do with the kids and let you know about some other fantastic businesses in the area that could be of interest to you all.

Back in the late spring, I decided to take up an offer of a season family pass to 'Umberslade Farm Park' in Tanworth-in-Arden. We had been there before when Louis was a bit younger and I didn't know if he would still be that keen, I mainly had Vinnie in mind, thinking it would be nice to go there some afternoons. I can tell you that this has been one of the best things I have done, the farm has been fantastic through the summer and both boys have loved it. It isn't that far away and we often go after one of my Post-Natal Pilates classes. Even though it's well into the afternoon by then, we still get to see lots of things and ride on the tractor but so long Vinnie gets to see his favourite pony, 'Peppa', then he is happy!

Umberslade Farm Park is a smaller farm to those like Hatton or Ash End but there is still plenty to do. The small animal holding runs through the majority of the day, you can hold the baby rabbits, guinee pigs, chicks and if your brave enough... the rats. Vinnie isn't usually too gentle, but has a very calming nature towards them. My boys love bottle feeding the lambs and calves and joining in to grooming the ponies. So with three weeks left of the summer holidays, if you are looking for ideas, check it out for yourself!!

Price Information

Umberslade Farm Park Butts Lane Tanworth In Arden Warwickshire B94 5AE

Check out their website for current offers! If your little one is under 2, they go free of charge!! So if its a day for yourself and baby, its just yourself to pay, which I think is fairly reasonable.

Please join the 'Blissful-Babies Mums Facebook Group' where you can share other ideas and recommendations.

Another fantastic local business that I became aware of recently and thought I should introduce it to you all is 'Baby Massage - The magic of massage'. Stacey has received some fantastic reviews following her massage treatment, which can also be a great way to ease the symptoms of colic and trapped wind.

Take a look at her site, and drop her a message, I have found Stacey to be most approachable, very friendly and very quickly replies to your messages.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce that my 'Blissful-Baby Yoga' sessions are now open to be booked. All the arrangements are now confirmed, the sessions can be booked via my website in the usual way.....

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the fantastic mums and babies who have helped me through participating with my trial runs. I have loved meeting you all, and getting to hear all the lovely babbles from your babies.... whilst we stretched!

Its been really great to hear the feedback about how the babies have been more relaxed following Baby Yoga, some have been sleeping through the night better, and some have actually fallen to sleep mid session.

I also had the pleasure this week to be apart of witnessing one of our Post Natal Pilates babies roll over for the first time!!! We had to capture this moment.... just look at mums face.... such a proud moment for mum!